Old Ladies On Planes

My daughter is going on her first flight as an "unaccompanied minor" next week. She was a little nervous when I first brought up the idea of her flying alone, but after talking to some friends of hers who fly alone on a regular basis she decided it might be okay.

I booked her ticket two days ago and was prepared for the fallout when giving her the "news." I said, "I booked your plane ticket to go to Idaho." She responded with, "when do I leave? Next week?" Whew! Crisis averted. She took the news so well that I thought nothing more about it.

Relieved that she was okay and thrilled at the prospect of having 4 blissful childfree days with my husband, full of debouchery and sleeping in, I went on with my evening.

At bedtime she said, "Mom when is Thanksgiving?" When I told her she was silent for a minute and then began wailing, "I've never been away from you for Thanksgiving before. If you aren't going or if Daddy isn't going, I'm not going either." I guess she hadn't made the connection with her going out of town and the holiday until that moment. And the surprising thing is that she isn't afraid to fly alone, but of being away from mom and dad for 4 days.

When, finally, I was able to calm her down she asked, "mom can we talk about my trip, calmly, after school tomorrow?"

The next morning she was calm and ready to talk about the trip. It was a lot of back and forth, her telling me she wasn't going and me responding with, "you'll be fine, you'll have fun with your grandma and cousins."

In the bathroom while combing her hair she said, "Mom, I'm not going without you."

Having had enough of the back and forth I firmly, but kindly, said, "You are going and you will be fine."

Looking at me in the mirror, combing her hair she responded, indignantly, "Fine! I guess now all I have to worry about is who I will sit by on the plane. I hope it's not an old lady!"

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