Handmade Holidays

I know, I know "The Holidays are still 4 months away".

Yesterday my husband and I made a commitment that we would be having a Handmade Holiday season. We want to give gifts that are handmade by us or handmade by local artisans. I know there is a "movement" to further buying local, handmade, goods and I, for one, am ready to join. Too much of our money goes to support big corporations that outsource their work which only detriments our local economies. And honestly, don't we all own enough plastic crap made in China?

I currently buy local when I can and like shopping at mom and pop stores. It's not exactly easy to enforce the 150 mile rule, year round, when making food purchases but we do support local growers at our farmers market during the summer.

So for those of you who have holidays on your mind, where will you put your dollar to work?