Let's go fly a kite

Spring is officially here and to celebrate we flew kites on Saturday. We packed a snack (apples and nutella, tortilla chips and mini-french toasts) and headed to Big Dee Park.

We easily launched the box kite and away it went. We flew kites (or should I say a kite my stunt kite took a serious nose dive and suffered some damage) for close to two hours. It was so much fun. I'm aching to go again, but wouldn't you know it, it's snowing. Such is spring in Utah.

It was 73 degrees on Saturday and it's snowing today. This is how it will go pretty much until June when it will snow one last time and then it will be blazing hot and dry. But then it will be perfect weather for early morning hikes and camping (which I think about non-stop) and gardening. Visits to the downtown farmers market and swimming. I can't wait. This winter has felt especially long.

Our locally owned coffee shop, Grounds for Coffee, is hosting a community garden for the first time this year. They have painted a beautiful mural (I'll post pics later) and built the raised garden beds this last weekend. I'm so excited for this as I have a small spot in my "backyard" for a raised bed garden but it isn't quite big enough to grow everything I'd like.

And you may be wondering what I cleaned this weekend. I purged a basket full of junky odds and ends, cleaned the bathroom and did a lot of laundry. I'll admit, laundry does not give me the same warm fuzzy feeling that cleaning other things does. Something about sorting and bending and lugging around awkward baskets, then folding and putting away that just doesn't quite do it for me. But the house is now clean and tidy and that always feels good.

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  1. Anonymous24/3/09 14:45

    I've got some pics of the mural for you. :)