Reality is ruining my Fantasy

Do you ever have those days at work, whether you work from home or away, when you really wish you didn’t have to show up?

The last few weeks of work have been that way for me. I’m feeling completely demotivated. It doesn’t help that there is a moratorium on raises (going into my second review period without a raise) and that my immediate supervisor pretty much sucks. I don’t hate what I do. In fact, until recently, it’s been quite enjoyable. My work environment is layed back, no one is breathing down my neck, I’ve got plenty of downtime but not too much that I’m bored.

I find myself wishing for a big inheritance that someone doesn’t have to die in order for me to get. Or for that big break my husband has been waiting for so that he can become a billion dollar film maker.

Oh the thought of that makes me weak in the knees. How I would love to be a stay at home mom (even though my daughter is in school now) where I could drop her off at school in my gym clothes and then go work out and perhaps stop for a leisurly cup of coffee afterward and then maybe do a little browsing at the library or book store. After that I might go home for lunch with my hubby and then volunteer my time somewhere before I pick up our daughter from school and we spend a blissful evening enjoying each others company and I didn’t have to think about waking up early to go to work the next day.

But then reality comes crashing into my fantasy and I realize that isn’t the life I’m currently living.

Now before any of you say, “You should be thankful you even have a job in this economy,” let me say I am very thankful that I have an income in these tough economic times. I am. Seriously. I am thankful every day that I go to work that I do have a job. That I do have a steady income. I just wish, really REALLY wish, that I had a whole lot of money that I could roll around in from time to time.

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